Get Ready To Fire Your Boss

Jane, you are fired! Umar, your service is no longer required! What an unexpected proclamation from Mr. Boss! Does he not realize the importance of those jobs to his once highly valued employees? Those jobs were actually their only source of living for crying out loud! How can he be that cruel? How does he expect them to survive? Who is going to pay their bills? What have they done wrong?

Anyway, both of them were discovered to have committed chronic, extreme and over-staying on pay-jobs and never planned to FIRE their boss.

It is very certain that nobody is going to be working at the same place forever, if you don’t prepare to get out by yourself pleasantly; then be you’ll definitely be pushed out by age, years in service or be faced with “you are fired” whichever comes first.

The reasons for such proclamations is another kettle of fish – It might be considered trivial but when balanced on the scale of income versus huge expenditures plus depreciation added to liabilities and multiplied by high, demanding and scaring wages /salaries; only entrepreneurs can explain the gravity and agony caused by such lateness, oversight, common mistakes, etc.

A lot of people are also getting naturally fired by unexpected circumstances such as sickness, death, winding-up, partners-fallout, government policies and even emergence of new technologies. I guess it’s time for you to ask yourself this golden question: “Am I waiting to be fired or seriously planning to pleasantly fire my boss?”

Come to think of it, your boss at sometimes, somehow, somewhere FIRED his own boss. Yes! It takes firing ones boss to become that dreamed manufacturer, the celebrated business owner, successful entrepreneur, renowned consultant, etc.

Surprisingly, many good bosses actually liked been fired by potentially successful people. They will always remember, reference and be proud to be associated with your super-success. You don’t even have to worry about the vacuum to be created by your exit. Good business owners know how to get smart people into their workforce. There are lots of smart people out there that are either “tired” or “fired”.

Every invention that had rocked our world existed as a result of somebody, somewhere at sometime critically thinking on something that will make peoples life to be better, safer, simpler or more satisfying. It is not entirely tied to new invention alone; most times, it by finding simpler and cheaper means of doing a particular thing. Solving a targeted problem is a guaranteed pathway to wealth accumulation. Problem solvers are money makers!

Imagine the transformation brought into our world by the emergence of electricity, telephone, cars, x-ray, airplanes, air conditioner, freezers, computers, internet, microwave ovens, blenders. Think out of the box, do something, search for one or conceptualize the idea of improving an existing one – When you get it, don’t wait just go for it!

Regular savings have been linked to the foundation of many success stories. You must set apart some percentage of your earning no matter the prevailing economic situation. This is one of the good parts of pay-jobs. You can also allow those saving to be having children by carefully selecting an investment option in the money market – Risk and Yield must be carefully considered and balanced by experts – You’ll definitely need to talk to a broker.

These savings and their offspring will be your springboard to the land of success where you’ll be building your own business empire.

Lastly, before you “jump” into that business venture, you must hear this! Starting and Running a business is like jumping over a wide and deep pit – You must gather enough momentum and perform numerous calculations accurately before taking that leap, otherwise…..…… It is simply impossible to backtrack without sustaining financial, emotional, reputation and time injuries – so think through, read wide, ask a lot of questions and re-calibrate your strategies.

Check, re-check and double-check everything to be nothing but the best. Set up performance indicators, implement good accounting system. Don’t leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of your destiny.

Explore, Discover, Innovate, Triumph, Elevate, Ascend, Succeed, Prosper, Dominate and Rule Your World.

See You At The Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced system analyst /programmer, CEO @, email: or


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