Conquer Yourself

We all have a lot conquer; the road to success is full of hurdles of different heights, widths and shapes. Anywhere without road-blocks does not lead to an important place. To succeed in life, you have to be in full control of your own life. Taking responsibilities for all your actions is the beginning of a success-bound living. Such lifestyle will give you the understanding of “what” to do, things to avoid, those to learn in addition to teaching you many “how to” that leads to the place where fulfillment and satisfaction resides.

One of the greatest failure mentalities in life is to be shifting blames; it’s somehow disheartening when people quickly shift blames because of their egocentric perspective. Don’t be ashamed of your errors, after all you did them; nobody is perfect; it is only when we learn from our mistakes that we overcome challenges and become better in life.

Whenever you fall, wait a minute, look back to see why you fell; look forward to re-appraise where you are going and what is required; then continue the journey if it worth living for

An airplane has to overcome the force of gravity before it can fly, the ground too likes good things, almighty gravity actually wants the airplane to be in its possession forever. Every success story has fierce battles behind them. It is a never-surrendering type of warfare, no wonder airplanes usually runs very fast and makes very loud noise before taking off – I guess the airplane is saying to the force of gravity that “No Way! I must grab myself away from your grip in order to fly”

We are all born blank, we are all products of our environments, what went in through our “eye-gates” and “ear-gates” were the building blocks of our personalities that eventually formed the structure of knowledge, understanding, attitude and behavioral patterns.

There is a need to “look inward” and identify those things that have been retarding your progress. They must be conquered! You must come to the understanding that “you are your own worst enemy”. You are solely responsible for all your challenges, be it financial, marital, academic, spiritual – whatever!

Over-sleeping, procrastination, TV-addiction, laziness, distractions, over-eating, uncontrolled tongue, bad friends, corrupt associates, wrong assumptions, wastages and many other negative attitudes are your own fault. YES! Yours alone, every human being can be in full control of their lives “if only they are willing”, it is either you live your life or others will live it for you.

It is either you conquer yourself and become successful or continue the “pampering game” and remain stagnant; A wise man once remarked that:

The free and best victory is on oneself, you have to conquer yourself or it will conquer you

If you ever desire diamond, they you must be fully ready for fierce battles with the rocks that are keeping it in custody. To be dodging blames is a sign of timidity and a great refusal of learning from mistakes. No leading! No Improvements! A lot of people will give endless, cheap and repeating excuses such as it’s too cold, too hot, I’m tired, It’s too much, I often sleep off when reading, There are many must-watch TV programmes, My parent are poor, I have nobody to help me, None to teach me, It’s impossible to save money, The distance, The lecturer, The Health, The cloth, The height, The weight, The hair, My spouse, My children, My dog, My cat, My rat, bla, bla, bla.

Excuses are the cheapest things on earth; you can pick-up one anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyhow and on any day

Learning to accept your errors is a great gain and ensures to learn from them so that they won’t re-occur. Thereafter you’ll be a better person and continue the journey to your land of fulfillment. Children do fall many times when learning to walk, any child that is afraid of failing will never walk. Likewise, you have to know that nobody is perfect; striving towards perfection is a continuous and a life-long lessons. All of us ought to be wearing the sign “under-construction” hung on our necks.

A lot of people ignorantly put themselves into avoidable problems. For instance, a messenger residing in a three-bedroom flat apartment within an expensive locality had already created financial problem for himself. That resident is simply above his earning capability. There are foods, shoes, bags, cloths, resident, cars, bicycles and other things that match every pocket – Cut your cloth according to your material – Not size!

There are many people that strives to buy everything their friends were buying, that friend could be earning or saving more than them, it is also possible that such person have less responsibilities or with additional streams of income. Get real, be yourself, know your capacity and don’t exceed it on pleasurable things.

Pick up a pen and a paper, write down how much you earn, think of how to increase it, calculate how much you spend, discard some and postpone others – As per creditors, have a workable repayment plan and stick to it. Be in full control of your spending; have budget, don’t buy at impulse, Conquers the “buy buy” spirit that grew up with everyone. What is the essence of beverage drink after every meal, take water sometimes, skip taxi for five to 10 minutes walk, and stop punishing yourself by wasting your own “hard-earn” money.

Think about it and see you at the Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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