The Laws of Success

Do you really desire success? Are you passionate about it? Are you really sure? Hope you are aware of its great demands? Certainly, diamonds are not found on the ground – otherwise, they will be called ordinary stones. There is no such thing as nothing for something – you must pay a price for every good thing.

Success is good! Nothing good comes easy, to be a failure is very simple – Just don’t do anything; but to be a success, you must do many things. Achievers are never lazy, neither do they procrastinate nor day-dream. There is no blue print for success, you have to apply these laws of success diligently to be celebrated.

Your environment does not have anything to do with your wealth-creation. Every human being has red blood flowing within them and the color of the brain is grey no matter the skin deep color.

Success and failure people are opposite in their habit, presumption, believe, behavior and everything. If someone that saves a percentage of his /her earning for future investment is said to be wise – what will you call those that spend theirs?

Every decision will either increase or decrease you. Don’t bother about where you are now, your potential has not been fully utilized, you are not your best yet – you are destined for super-success, step up, achieve your dream and conquer your world.

Success is a habit, the more you do it the more you master it and love it also. Success is not tied to schools attended – most world richest people never had a degree before getting to the top. Researches had shown that about 42% of millionaires never went beyond high schools.

It is only those that are ready to wave failure goodbye that can welcome success – both of them cannot stay at the same place – You must choose one! You must Be Better Before Becoming Bigger (5B’s).

There must be a burning desire within you, the type that will keep you awake at nights and generate momentum inside you that drives your thinking-mechanism to generate great ideas. Yes! It will prompt you to pick pen and paper and inscribe those golden discoveries on the sand of time.

Another research revealed that personalized ideas are vigorously pursued – you don’t need anybody to tell you “exactly what to do”. It has to be your own conceptualized idea! Make an attempt to ask two or more self-made millionaires on how they made it, you’ll be surprised to discover that their magic portions are these 21 laws of success that will be shared in this series. These laws are not financially inclined alone – they can be applied in every areas of life.

There is a need to shut down TV, deny yourself of some pleasures. Riches are shy and timid; they must be attracted; wooed like wooing a lady but poverty is bold and ruthless to meet anybody without any formal invitation.

The shortcut to success is to know there is no short cut. There is no elevator; you must climb the ladder. It is never a gift; you have to earn it. To be average – just live a normal and average life but to be outstanding – you must do the extra ordinaries.

Laws only fail when not applied correctly; No one has ever made it to the top by chance. What seems like lucks are serious preparations meeting opportunities and using them well. Wealth accumulated by gambling are usually lost via the same medium. It is only in the dictionary that the word earnings and affluence comes before learning, passion, hard work and other components of success.

Stay in tune for the 21 laws of success.

Pounder on it and see you at the Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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