Laws of Success Series – #2: DISCOVER YOURSELF

There is a genius in everyone that is either awake or sleeping. Having a distinct finger-print pattern is a clear indication that you are an original, a complete package; a finished product with amazing potentials. Yes! You are destined to be great and register your footprint on the sand of time.

You are never a photocopy; that facial resemblance with your parent has nothing to do with your personality; it does not in any way indicate your intellect, potential, strength, special abilities and success in life. Nobody was created to be poor. The rich and the poor were as a result of their choices.

Do you know there are 6 million nerves connecting your neck to the head, 75 billion cells functions sleeplessly in your body and that intestine inside your stomach is half a mile long – what a marvelous creation of a fantastic creator? How can such a masterpiece be termed as worthless?

Everybody was born blank; the world’s renowned inventors are inclusive – like a plain sheet of paper. There are only five things that Mother Nature thought everyone through the wonder of procreation – breathing, eating, crying, sleeping and excreting. Every other thing must be learnt – I mean learnt either pleasantly, painfully, regretfully or anyhow. We are all at one time taught how to talk, walk, wear cloths, put on sandals, brush teeth, etc. Nobody was born to be a genius. The only difference is that these common people used common things around them to produce uncommon things through creative thinking and imagination – that is how geniuses were made!

That great writer started learning from ABC. The creative imagination of having documents in a neater and appealing forms led to the production of typewriter machines. More thinking in that direction led to electronic typewriters, word processors and desktop publishing. Similar discoveries occurred in all other industries and led to their advancement.

There are special abilities in everyone, these in-built components were planted by the creator. They are distinct to you – your own makeup; things that appeals you, these are simply activities that you enjoy doing even without getting paid. They make you to standout in the crowd – very peculiar to you – They are your gifts. Carefully digging around your interest will definitely lead to great discoveries and reveal your goldmines. It is after then that you’ve awaken your sleeping giant for actualization of your super-success – what are you waiting for? Get started now!

Those that enjoys taking care of children and playing with might need to dig around businesses in the department of crèche, after-school, schools, amusement parks, etc. That pleasure derived from cooking great dishes may be another McDonald incubating in your dream world. If you are the type that enjoy watching sport with a good writing skills – I am seeing sport newspaper /magazine fast asleep. Don’t hesitate to use your ticket to your domain of prosperity and fulfillment.

There could be world acclaimed recipes lying down inside that chef; great books, hit tracks, latest styles, fabulous cars, trending gadgets, fascinating movies, etc – waiting patiently to be discovered and actualized.

There is a special abilities undiscovered inside a lot of people. Most achievers never knew their potential until when discovered, sometimes difficult situations prompts discoveries; when life puts you on a hard road- get harder. Somebody sometimes said when the world gives you a lemon; made lemonade out of it.

Are you complaining of un-employment? Getting a good job is worth the while but why not create one? Are you saying I don’t have idea – Think, think, think. Write a strong business plan rather than impressive resume. You can climb up to where money works for you instead of working for money. Somebody once remarked that when the world gives you a lemon; make lemonade out of it.

Don’t ever mention any excuse! Not even one – it might be real, existing and glaring; just take your eyes off your limitations and concentrate on your dream and strength.

  • The KFC colonel never studied catering and hotel management
  • Thomas Edison had impaired hearing but he converted such disability into asset and remarked that “I am not usually disturbed by worthless conversations”
  • The largest bank in the world – Bank America was started by an Italian broker that knew nothing about banking and finance.
  • Bill Gates once dropped out of school – to pursue his mountainous dream after discovering himself.

Opportunity is a very proud fellow – it doesn’t wait a second for anyone. Recognizing and grabbing it requires preparations and being ready – that also starts with discovering yourself; realizing your potentials, identifying your gifts and understanding that you’re a genius – hope you are not sleeping?

Wake up that Genius and See You at the Top

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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