Laws of Success Series – #3 Its a Dreamers’ World

Blind minds are worse than blind eyes. It’s your thinking that will determine your destination. Both poverty and riches are offspring of thoughts. Two men were in the same pit; one was looking upward and the other downward. One saw stars, the other one saw mud – it depends on their understanding and perspectives. What are you looking at? What are you seeing?

A lecturer once placed a transparent object in the middle of the class and gave it light via a fiber optical cable. He then asked the students about the colors being seen. Some said its blue, other said red, yellow, green, purple and they were almost quarreling because every one of them seemed to be absolutely sure of what they saw. Instantly, the light was turned off and the object stood before them as a clear, crystal and transparent prism – They yelled WAO! It’s all about the direction of your perception and at times, the light shining on it.

Sometimes, when life turns its black side to us –we name them problems, some other people might tagged them as challenges. It is what we call things that they eventually turns out to be; our description of circumstances is a product of our understanding, thinking, maturity, strength and believe system.

It takes seeing something in the mental faculty before it can become a reality. It is only what you can dream that you can possess. Nobody on this planet ever achieve anything that  is too big for their minds to conceive. That super-factory between your ears called brain is the birthplace of every invention.

We are living in a dreamers’ world – dreamers are winners. You must visualize your success before it can come to existence. If you can’t have it in your head, it can’t exist on your hands. Dream very big, make it super-high, let it be bigger than you – it is allowed! That’s where God comes in, “heaven help those that can not help themselves”. If you did not dream of building a sky-crapper then you’ll never build a bungalow.

Dreams can be likened to visions and goals – you must have something that you are living for! If you are not standing for something then you’ll fall for everything. There must be something that you are aiming, something you are working at on daily basis – I mean, something that you believe will take you to your land of success. That very thing aimed at making our world better by solving or enhancing a particular aspect of human challenges.

Your dream will make you sleepless and restless if it is big enough. It will make you to jump out of bed after sleeping for 5-6 hours. A vision-less or dreamless person is psychologically blind. Such people are termed as “eyes open – brain empty personalities”. Some of them actually requires urgent and critical inspirational surgery!

The mind is like a film in a pin-hole camera – it captures the image of what it sees and after being washed, developed in several chemicals then bring out to life the image of what was once captured. That image is the dream and all the processes used in bringing it to life are components required for success (desire, discovering, decision, determination, hard-work, learning, asking and their siblings)

The human eyes have a way of forming an image of what it sees into the subconscious; that is one of the wonders of creation, that image drives restlessly on the path of achievement. The minds’ power is an amazing driving force – its drives the entire human mechanism to pursue what it had seen.

Be inquisitive – open your eyes very well, ask yourself idea generating questions on whatever you’re seeing: how good will it be to have cars that does not use fuel, how convenient will be to use the WIFI facilities on mobile phones for zero-charges communication within offices and homes, how pleasant will it be to have camp beds that can be folded into an average size bag-pack, what about eye-glasses with video recording capability, will a baby-sitting robot help in anyway, how will a robot dogs look like, etc.

If you won’t stop yourself – then absolutely nothing can stop you – It’s your world!

Go on Dreaming and See You at the Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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