Laws of Success Series – #4 Learn from Failures

Problem Prepares People for Potential Prosperity (5P). Your present challenges are the requirements for your next promotion. There is nowhere in this world where wisdom for success is being sold in exchange for money. It’s all about learning! Failure is not a curse; it is simply a proof that you have not done it right.

Experiences, exposures, inspirations, motivations and wisdom nuggets are what trigger geniuses in people. It is critical to have the understanding that every problem has in it a seed of greater prosperity. When you fail; learn good life changing lessons and fire on.

The fact that you failed sometimes, somewhere, somehow does not doom you as a failure for life – Take a study of world acclaimed achievers; their numerous failures upon failures on the roads to their destinations will definitely fascinate you. You are never a failure until you label yourself as one.

It is not how many times that one fails that matters but what was learnt from those unpleasant moment of failures. Thomas Edison failed nine hundred and ninety-nine times while inventing the incandescent light bulb in 1880. A wise man once remarked that failure is success turned inside-out. Free your mind of negative cobwebs, dwelling on past failures and refusing to move forward is the greatest dreams killer and a guarantee pathway for bigger failures and regrets. Difficult times are good teachers.

Carbon graphite and diamond are from the same substance. It is pressure that made diamond glows and precious. Turn your disappointments into assets – extend such learning and progress to all areas of life and let those failures drive you to your destination of celebration for coronation. Don’t you want to be crowned?

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back because if you can look up then you can get up. In addition, whenever you hit the bottom – there is only one direction to go – it’s bouncing back! Only cowards and dreamless people commit suicide – how can somebody says it’s finished when the heart is still pumping blood. No way! Difficult times don’t kill – depression, dejection, fear, hopelessness, laziness and all other negative attitudes are the poisons and destroy destinies.

Forget past failures, a driver that keeps looking backward while on motion because of past driving mistakes will eventually runs into a bigger ditch. Face your destination passionately, give it all it takes and go forward!

There is only one person to be blamed for all your misfortunes; that person is your worst enemy. Yes, this personality is very lazy, unrealistic, over-spending, indiscipline and sometimes daydreams –It’s that person in the mirror – next time you see that person, please tell the fellow to “Get Serious because you are not playing games anymore

Another reason why you must learn from those mistakes is because – they were your own fault – you caused them all. Somehow, somewhere, sometimes, you made the wrong choice and took the wrong action. Anyway, that is in the past and does not matter anymore but what is critical is the understanding that your life, your victory, your success, your celebration and everything depends on what you’ve learnt and steps that follows – you can’t afford to mess up your own single, precious and glorious life nor waste any more time. Would you?

Get real, learn from failures, fire on and See you at the Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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