Laws of Success Series – #5 Create a Thinking Corner

Thinking was defined as the action of using one’s mind to produce thoughts while thought itself can be referred to as ideas or its processing and critical arrangements.

Thinking aids conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to idea generation.

It’s not time bound; it can travel decades into the past and future within seconds. It is indeed the greatest wonder of creation that clearly distinct human from all other living things.

Thinking is all about visualizing, forming an image, combining different elements and patiently organizing, improving and subjecting the idea to numerous acid tests until it comes out as a refined and brilliant idea.

A wise man named Martin Heidegger once remarked that “What is most thought-provoking in these thought-provoking times, is that we are still not thinking”

Thinking has been discovered to be the amazing force behind all inventions and revolutions. It takes great thinkers to provide great solutions! The medical professionals surprisingly revealed that only a tiny percentage of the human brain is ever used in one’s lifetime. WAO – what a super-factory you’ve up there? Let that engine roar and shake this world!

The frequent emergence of discoveries and inventions in our technologically advanced world is a glimpse of the human thinking capabilities – The computer, internet, mobile phones, home /office appliances, magnificent buildings, engineering masterpiece, motor vehicles, airplanes, jets, ship, submarines, medical equipments, gadgets and all others are products of “good thinking” – see why you must start think now!

Fuel your mental machine, let your dream and desire prompt the resumption of your intellectual productions; the entire worlds’ market is waiting for your winning idea and super-wealth.

Different people have different events that trigger their creative thinking – Yours could be during shower, when taking a walk, staring at the moon, a sea view, the beauty of sunset or twinkling stars. Sometimes, ideas pop up when we explore the opposites. Whatever, wherever – just think!

Start thinking, think again and re-think on everything you’ve seen everywhere – ask yourself the “golden question” How I can improve these inventions. Think deeply on everything that is expensive – your question should be “how can it be made cheaper”?

Having a blue chip company currently producing a particular item does not matter – if you ever find a way to produce it cheaper and better – then, your own blue-chip company is about to be born. Other must sit tight and learn from the master or gradually go into extinction like their predecessors. Go ahead! The whole world is waiting for you.

Presently, there are millions of researches going on in all fields of human endeavor – they are all looking for solutions! Switch on your mental laboratory, start your boundless researches and be the first to discover the next world acclaimed solution. Amazingly, the cost is just time not money.

Take a plunge into the future – visualize what will be required. Bring tomorrows’ technology out today! Step into the domain of unimaginable, take your imagination to the wildest jungle and explore the power of creative thinking – open new doors, go the uncharted path, set the standard – be the yardstick! Thomas Edison was an expert in doing that! At another time, go down memory lane – trace backward, imagine your childhood days and see with the eyes behind.

Wait a minute – have you seen anything in your environment that is yelling – make me better? They are always there – it’s just that you need to look deeper, clearer, brighter and more passionately.

Leverage on past achievements, there are many proven and unbreakable principles that had help exploration – key into these wisdom. Take your water from an already-dug well – you don’t need to dig your own well before drinking water.

Newton said; “if I’ve seen any further, it is by standing on the shoulder of those that have gone before me”.

Inventions are not always about originality, but rather constant application of thought and tools to arrive at a solution.

Read widely and deeply. Don’t limit yourself to standards – go overboard no matter how silly or unworkable they sound, after all, it’s in your mind nobody and can term that as offense or crime. Think differently, pounder unconventionally, let it be beyond ordinary, take it from a new perspective, step into the future – see more than normal – use your internal eyes and conceive the idea that will shake our world once again.

Ask questions repeatedly, be super-quick to write, consider everything everywhere, re-orientate the idea, turn it upside down, right-side up, tilt it, screw it, punch it, shrink it, bounce it, throw it, expand it and observe every single inspiration that sparks out.

Don’t be afraid when your ideas are criticized, at times such opposition shed more light, what do you think those executive does at meetings – ideas clashing warfare – allow ideas to clash, be ready for criticism, don’t be dogmatic, the spat that the clashes generate might make you see clearer.

It is also very important for you to consider the best and worst case synerio –it’s simple a style of “hoping for the best and preparing for the worst” – this will protect you from being down casted and having your idea truncated when confrontation emerges. When your idea crumbles before you like a pack of logs – just say “Oops! Where’s the next direction?”

Sometimes ago, I read an article on WikiHow. I guess, it is provocative enough to bring out geniuses out of everyone. The link is

A onetime American president was asked “sir – what is the secret of your success? He looked up and said I think for six hours every day. Use that stuff between your ears – yes, your brain. It is the fastest computer in the world.

Be a great thinker, set up time each day to think critically – whatever department that requires attention such as finance, health, relationship, spiritual, physical fitness, academic, skill acquisition, invention – whatever!

Let you thinking provoke thought for understanding and emergence of wisdom plus idea that will eventually cumulates into invention and supper-success.

Think, Think, Think and see you at the Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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