Laws of Success Series – #6 Generate Valuable Ideas

There is something that is currently ruling our world – it’s not political affiliation or eloquence of speech, neither is it physical strengths nor financial muscles. It has nothing to do with royalty, population, business connections, military power or stored ammunition. This world would have been empty, boring, stagnant and completely unproductive without ideas – Ideas rules.

The level of advancements witnessed in our world today is directly proportional to the number of ideas that have been generated and actualized.

Thinking on how to make people think on thinking requires it own special thinking. It is a sort of re-thinking and thinking-through explanation of simple but interwoven abstract components in the realm of intellectual. This is the most demanding aspect of inspiring, motivation and coaching in life. However, you as a reader must act here; we have to work together; you’ll need to personally look in between the words on these pages to unlock that “hidden treasures” stored in your imaginative world – First thing first, get a pen and a paper!

The focus here is bringing your ideas to life, it’s also possible to conceive new ones as we brainstorm together; they might jump out of these pages and stand tall before you – when that happens, stop reading for a while and grab them immediately?

You’ve waited for too long, that idea had over-stayed in your mental domain, translate them into this physical world – cloth them with nice packaging and present your ingenuity to the entire world to appreciate and of course – buy. Now is the time to sing that song, write that book, begin the NGO begins, produce that stuff, re-package that thing, carry out that research, offer that service, – just do it.

What about those gadgets yelling “make me better” – look inward, peep outward, observe sideways and investigate everywhere deeply – recalibrate, repackage, re-strategize, re-orientate – you’ve got all it takes – just go for it.

Impossibility is only a matter of time. There is nothing that is absolutely impossible; it’s just that the solution hasn’t showed up yet. Sometime in the past, it was boastfully announced that “man can never fly” but the wright brothers shook the world with their flying machine.

Success is all about identifying a need and meeting it, problem solvers are money makers. The more human problems you are able to solve – the more money you’ll be making.

Two men were walking through a rural setup and saw two different things – One saw poor people with poor standards, led by inexperience and corrupt leaders while the other saw many investment opportunities in agriculture, food processing, education, telecommunication, transportation, manufacturing, ware-housing plus chains of wholesalers and franchise.

To be successful, you must train your eyes to quickly see how to make life better, simpler and more comfortable and you’ll be on your road to next self-made millionaire – sorry, billionaire! It is not mandatory that your idea must be a brand-new one, enhancing existing ones is also a trait of in-born genius. Come to think of it – Bill gate wasn’t the first guy to write an operating system, Graham Bell just added the finishing touch to telephone and it was credited to him. Don’t wait for anything – just proceed.

There is a man called Edwin Land, he took a photograph of his young daughter in his studio. Surprisingly, the young girl wanted her picture right away in the mid 19th century when such request was termed as impossible.

Mid 19th century was the era of pin-hole cameras when every snaps must pass through washing with several chemicals in dark room to becoming negative – thereafter, exposed by intense light upon another kind of paper before being washed in another set of chemicals. What a long process, the young girl wanted her picture immediately. That strange request drove her father’s thinking towards the generation of idea and the birth of instant photograph called Land-Polaroid.

A drug clerk once risked all his life savings of $500 to purchase an old kettle and a wooden paddle from a doctor that does not identify the magic of what he sold. The clerk added something more and the result was Coca-Cola.

Ideas can pop up at unexpected times – ensure to have a means of inscribing them on permanent media – Idea have large wings and unless nailed down; they will fly away forever. An idea not written down is a fortune forfeited. Don’t ever go to anywhere without a pen and a paper. Ideas are life diamonds; if you ever walked pass one without picking it up – forget, it’s gone for good – you won’t find it there next minute.

Sometimes, Idea generation and its management are not found in the same person – a singer might not be administratively inclined – so a manager is inevitable, don’t be afraid of “leveraging” on other peoples competence but ensure to have strong, legal and worktable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to prevent complications, legal battles and eventual death of your golden-goose that ought to be laying golden-eggs for many golden-years

The entire world is waiting for your own contribution – it’s our world, I mean your own world, so go ahead, touch it positively, make some people happy, create pleasant surprises and let loose satisfaction – anyway, anyhow – just do it.

Let those ideas show-up physically and See You at the Top

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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