Laws of Success Series – #8 Plan to Succeed

A journey without a plan is leading nowhere. Planning is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal.

Planning involves the creation and maintenance of steps required for the attainment of a specific goal. Whenever thinking cumulates into idea generation – additional thinking-task of translating them into goals becomes inevitable. Thereafter, further-thinking activities of breaking the goals down into sub-goals or objectives and creating detail definition of “how to achieve them” becomes extremely important – that is planning!

A detail research once reveals that greater number of people responds spontaneously to issue – why? Thinking is tedious, to be frank, it is a very hard work! A lot of people have adopted the cheap lifestyle of not using their brain. Evaluating, projecting, forecasting result and integration with other plans aren’t job for the lazy bones. The business world has several names for planning: formulation of strategies, planning process, strategic planning, etc. Whatever name attached to it does not matter; planning is a sort of formulation, evaluation and selection of a sequence of thoughts and actions to achieve a desired goal.

The set of people without plans can cannot clearly define what they wanted in life nor narrate their intended steps towards success. When there is nothing to pursue – there’ll be nothing to possess. No wonder there are more poor people in our world today – There is a great need for intellectual surgeries. Those that don’t plan usually get drown in the polluted water of poverty, failure and regrets.

Planning is the core ingredient of achieving anything. It’s like building the bridge that leads to your destination. Planning gives direction; reveals strategies and brings required components into lime light thereby enabling the creation of parameters for monitoring progress and evaluation results at different stages.

The surest way to fail is failing to plan; anyone that is not achieving optimally should examine his or her planning style. Planning has been discovered to be the greatest facilitator for efficient utilization of scare resources such as money and time. It increases productivity and encourage researches. Every unplanned day must definitely be under-productive.

Planning opens the eyes to the unexpected and enables adequate preparation for the unseen to avoid truncation of ideas. It also reveals “hidden opportunities” for super-success. Preparation Prepares People for Proper Performances” (5Ps)

Start planning, don’t waste any more time; today’s currency is measured with time – spend it wisely. A wise man once said “waste your time and waste your life”.

The business world is always using the planning principle extensively. It is being used in achieving a lot of corporate goals ranging from customer service, production enhancement, speedy delivery, administrative efficiency, research, advertisement and everywhere.

Start right here, right now – state the steps required for the attainment of that goal that is very important to you; identify the sub-goals or objectives. Take sub-goals or objectives one at a time and state their own requirements. If any of those requirements seems to be big enough for breaking down – do it, pick it as a sub-sub goal and define its own “how to”. If you can define it then you can achieve it.

Refine you plans, merge some, discard others, get other peoples’ competence into you plan; rent a machine that is too expensive for your financial status, use your apartment when the required rent is beyond your reach, carry out the research by yourself, get involved in the marketing – ask relevant questions, learn new stuffs on the internet and rule your world!

Get inspired, plan the planning to your success and See you at the Top

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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