Laws of Success Series – #10 Take Actions

Action is doing something, it’s all about carrying out the activities that followed the decision of a planned process targeted at achieving a set goal. Hope you still remember that goals on their own are the products of ideas generated by numerous brain storming sessions.

Action is the only vehicle that drives ideas to their destinations. It’s indeed the hardest part of achieving success; it requires daunting physical and mental inputs. It is the implementation stage of an imaginary substance of the mind called idea in an entirely different environment – the physical world. The dream world is the domain of unlimited, boundless and unchallenged achievements; whereas, in the real word; limitations and unexpected should be expected and prepared for – that’s why you need backup plans.

There is no free-lunch anywhere – somebody is paying! Action is the principal requirement for results and successes; nothing moves unless something is pushing it. Without actions, there’ll be no result; generation of idea, goal setting, planning and decision must proceed to actions – otherwise, they are all mere waste of time and energy.

There is a children’s riddle about five frogs sitting on a log by a pond. One decided to jump in – how many frogs were sitting on the log? It’s still five because the only one that decided to jump didn’t do it. That frog wasn’t in anyway different from others that never bothered to decide. Decision without action is futility!

Knowledge alone is never power! Its potency can only be vividly achieved when combined with actions. Little or no action will produce their exact measure of results. Focus your attention on the goals; don’t mind the heights of those issues challenging your action plans. Forget excuses no matter how real they seem to be and fire on to the domain of your super-success.

Challenges, under-estimations, over-estimations, wrong assumptions, inaccurate calculations or projections may be standing very tall with all their full artilleries to kill your dream – don’t give up nor give-in; just fight on and conquer. Most dreams were killed by fatal accidents on the super-highway of action filled with FEAR!

The road that lead to success if full of hurdles of various heights, widths and shapes. Your unwavering determination for actualizing your desired goal will be tested over and over again. It is either you are strong enough to push on or have your dreams gradually being killed and later buried in the graveyard of failure.

Identify the distractions to your action plans and eliminate them – shut down TV, talk less, do more; get knowledge and pursue understanding, it is also very important to be appreciating your progress as you go on in order to build more strength for future challenges. Deal with other hindrances such as over-sleeping, over-eating, over-spending, bad habits, procrastination, etc – just kick them out and move on.

Don’t just make qualitative decisions; follow them to their destinations with required actions. The lubricant for productive action is the mental status and preparedness, actions taken with positive emotions produces fantastic result. Likewise, actions fueled with fear, anger, offence, revenge, dejection, depression and pride are strength zappers and disaster waiting to happen.

Learn to start big things in tiny ways; forest fires are usually started by a single spark of fire. Many great businesses of today started in small way; it is absolutely impossible to be 100% assured of future success – uncertainty abounds! Some blue chip companies actually started at kitchens, garages and bedrooms. Whenever the challenges of starting something seem too high – just start anyhow! Find new methods, investigate and discover alternative route of getting to your desired success. If you don’t stop yourself – nothing can stop you.

Waiting for 100% assurance before proceeding means that you’ll never start. If the road to your destination must be totally clean, clear and void of uncertainties – then you’ll never move. There’re always rooms for corrections and adjustments during motions.

Are you waiting for a certain shade of green light? Act NOW and See you at the Top

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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