Laws of Success Series – #11 Work Hard

There is no shortcut to success – it’s all about hard work. Working hard is the ladder that leads to the mountain where success resides. Hardworking is to be industrious, zealous, enduring, persevering and exerting great amount of energy for long hours diligently and consistently. There is no single achievement that was attained without somebody working hard on planned goals. The different between ordinary and extra-ordinary people is the extra – that extra is simply hard work!

Naturally, the human body prefers enjoyment to enduring. Hard work is a daunting demand of physical and mental capabilities; enduring is inevitable on the road to success – that unpleasant stretching beyond comfort zone is the key to success. The opposite of hard work is to “be average” and achieving average results – super-success requires super-effort and fearlessly jumping above everything called average. Hard work is your compass in the land of discoveries.

The fastest way of getting fired after being hired is to be tired. In any competition – only the hardest trained people wins. Everything without pain does not have any gain. Good things are not cheap – if you find any glittering stuff effortlessly; be very careful because such is more likely to be a trap than luck! No pain – No gain is the rule of the game.

Thomas A Edison is one of the greatest inventors that ever lived; he said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” Bill Gates never said that Microsoft evolved effortlessly while watching TV – He worked super-hard to achieve that supper-success. Only hardworking people will accumulate wisdom for experiencing breakthroughs.

There is no super-human, all achievers are mere men and women that attempted things that were bigger than them – you don’t catch big fishes in shallow water; you must proceed to deep sea!

Have you heard Will Smith? “The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is: I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, but if we get on the treadmill together, there are two things: you’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.”

What a statement? I guess you should read it again – very slowly! Can you see some hidden power within those words? That treadmill represents whatever you desire. It could be a good grade, promotion, hit song, award winning movie, world acclaimed invention, world shaking discovery, unimaginable gadget, world transforming books, medical breakthrough, life changing initiative, world re-orientating NGO. Anything! If you can work hard at it then you can get it. It’s really that simple – Isn’t it?

How can you win someone that does not surrender – Dying itself is a sort of surrendering to life! A “never surrendering” person will eventually get whatever he or she desired notwithstanding intellect, strength, age, field, disability or anything.

The amount of time and energy invested in the preparation of that five minutes speech is the yardstick for the performance. That five minutes’ hit track had “hundreds of rehearsal hours” behind it. Hard work is universal and constant, it works at all times.

Hard work had changed almost all known circumstances – failure to success, weakness to strength, poverty to riches, and ignorance to education. Hard work pays; don’t let some momentary sale figures confuse you. If luck provides you a chance then hard work is definitely required in maintaining such position.

Doing nothing is stagnation and backwardness because nature is not at standing-still. Unemployment is too small to hold down people that are going somewhere. Better result requires better input – it’s working harder and smarter! Hard work never hurts anyone; those that are rating smartness above hardness are explaining the same facts in different ways. Leveraging on technology, refining plans, measuring productive, re-strategizing or re-calibrating when necessary are both smart work and hard work in motion. Working harder and working smarter are simply inseparable; both of them are work, they both requires pushing beyond limits physically and mentally. To be smarter is to think harder and thinking itself is a very hard work.

Sometimes, it is not how hard one works but how productive or better placed – how smart. There is a popular story of two woodcutters that were given blunt axe to cut down a big tree; one started exerting energy immediately and got it done in 10 hours. The other took 5 hours to sharpen the axe and cut down the wood in 5 hours with less effort – they both got result but somebody might need a pain reliever. Next time, he’ll learn to sharpen his axe before exerting energy.

For instance, assuming I need to carry out research on fifty selected customers; One method is to mail questionnaires to them; another one is to call them on phone; it is also possible to organize an event that will bring them together for brainstorming sections or to arrange meetings with them one after the other. Whichever is smarter or harder is tied to individual perspectives, the nature of the task, available man and machine power, prevailing technology and other factors – what matters is result!

The best are always striving to get better! They continually push themselves beyond their comfort zone; ever innovating and improving; attempting to better their best at all times. All job vacancies need only intelligent and hardworking applicants; those that can work hard and smart.

There are other components of success that requires hard work; research, time management, perusal of excellence, accountability, marketing, etc – because there is no permanent success; re-firing is consistently required.

I’ve heard lot arguments that working too hard can be detrimental to one’s health and productivity. It is simply impossible to ignore the “stop now” signal being issue by your body system whenever it is stretched to the maximum except you are on steroids; by the time you notice your brain is displaying 5 as the answer for 2 + 2, you know that sleeping then is not an option. The eyes will definitely be closing by itself, the hands, back and all other will stage a riot and all processing capabilities will be shutting down gradually and if you refuse – the next time you open your eyes will be one hour of forced uncomfortable sleep by the body agents. Overworking oneself is not possible.

Having rest and stress management is critical. Anyone that refuses to yield to “let’s sleep a while” invitation of the human physiology will be forced to take an unpleasant vacation on the hospital bed. Tension is necessary. The right amount of tension in a guitar is for tuning to bring out better sound – too much and it will snap.

Taking correction and making changes are hard work too; nobody enjoys dumping a long standing habit or attitude that is somehow enjoyable – it’s painful to be corrected; all of one’s stupidity and errors appears to be broadcasted on nationwide television – what a shame. That is the main reason why blame shifting, refusal of correction, etc seems to very rampant these days. Standout, be different, train yourself like the body builders that understand that each pain grows the muscle. Learn to enjoy the pains that are crucial to your success – if you avoid the pain, you miss out on the growth.

Lastly, it is very important not to allow pride to rob us of the kindness and humility required for the next success – be kind, budget some percentage to help others; give back to the society that “paid” for you wealth and remember the greatest law is Love.

Work harder or smarter; whichever – just achieve, banish pride, try kindness and touch your world.

See you at the Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or


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