Double-Sided Inspiration

Those who inspires are also get inspired by the same inspiration. I actually started blogging three weeks ago; precisely August 6, 2014, its being a double-sided benefit and I’ve been tremendously inspired. The growing number of visitors, follower-ship and social media invitations /connections is an undeniable proof that someone at the other end is also getting inspired. Guest what? I love it!

My greatest passion and desire is to succeed and see others succeeding, I’ve always hated poverty, stagnation and failure beyond measure. Inspirational teachings had greatly helped in shaping my life; inspiring others while also getting inspired is my dream comes true.

Nothing good is cheap! Engineers usually points out to their clients that fast, cheap and good cannot be attained altogether – two must be chosen. Every good thing has its own price tag; they are never cheap, only excuses are cheap, free and never out of stock. At times, I spend straight twelve to eighteen hours trying to cope with my software development tasks and blogging. Don’t pity me at all; I am enjoying every bit of it!

Let’s get started with why we are here, the laws of success series shall soon continue but a recap is seriously necessary. There must be a way of combining, arranging and blending those topics for maximum benefits. I must state here categorically that my prime aim is for you and I to be inspired and experience super-successes – it’s time to get practical, we shall be using a worksheet methodology in bringing our ideas from their intellectual domain to our physical world. If your own idea is already at the goal-stage, then let’s plan and take actions. What do you think?

Actually, the last ten or more topics in the laws of success series focuses on “consolidating your achievements”. Achievements are not meant to be short-lived. Success-maintenance and sustaining principles must be applied otherwise – they’ll fade off quickly. It is very sad to see successes crumbling and watching a once celebrated idea going into extinction – we won’t allow that to happen. Will you? Never!

While, I am designing the worksheets; you’ve got works to do as well. Yes! Desiring, Discovering, Dreaming, Thinking, Decision, Generating Idea, Goal Setting, Planning, Action, Hard Work are stuffs that nobody can help anybody – functionality by proxy is not allowed on the road to success. It’s against the law. Are you ready?

Start doing something, get ready and let us go to the Top!


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