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Double-Sided Inspiration

Those who inspires are also get inspired by the same inspiration. I actually started blogging three weeks ago; precisely August 6, 2014, its being a double-sided benefit and I’ve been tremendously inspired. The growing number of visitors, follower-ship and social media invitations /connections is an undeniable proof that someone at the other end is also getting inspired. Guest what? I love it!

My greatest passion and desire is to succeed and see others succeeding, I’ve always hated poverty, stagnation and failure beyond measure. Inspirational teachings had greatly helped in shaping my life; inspiring others while also getting inspired is my dream comes true.

Nothing good is cheap! Engineers usually points out to their clients that fast, cheap and good cannot be attained altogether – two must be chosen. Every good thing has its own price tag; they are never cheap, only excuses are cheap, free and never out of stock. At times, I spend straight twelve to eighteen hours trying to cope with my software development tasks and blogging. Don’t pity me at all; I am enjoying every bit of it!

Let’s get started with why we are here, the laws of success series shall soon continue but a recap is seriously necessary. There must be a way of combining, arranging and blending those topics for maximum benefits. I must state here categorically that my prime aim is for you and I to be inspired and experience super-successes – it’s time to get practical, we shall be using a worksheet methodology in bringing our ideas from their intellectual domain to our physical world. If your own idea is already at the goal-stage, then let’s plan and take actions. What do you think?

Actually, the last ten or more topics in the laws of success series focuses on “consolidating your achievements”. Achievements are not meant to be short-lived. Success-maintenance and sustaining principles must be applied otherwise – they’ll fade off quickly. It is very sad to see successes crumbling and watching a once celebrated idea going into extinction – we won’t allow that to happen. Will you? Never!

While, I am designing the worksheets; you’ve got works to do as well. Yes! Desiring, Discovering, Dreaming, Thinking, Decision, Generating Idea, Goal Setting, Planning, Action, Hard Work are stuffs that nobody can help anybody – functionality by proxy is not allowed on the road to success. It’s against the law. Are you ready?

Start doing something, get ready and let us go to the Top!


Laws of Success Series – #11 Work Hard

There is no shortcut to success – it’s all about hard work. Working hard is the ladder that leads to the mountain where success resides. Hardworking is to be industrious, zealous, enduring, persevering and exerting great amount of energy for long hours diligently and consistently. There is no single achievement that was attained without somebody working hard on planned goals. The different between ordinary and extra-ordinary people is the extra – that extra is simply hard work!

Naturally, the human body prefers enjoyment to enduring. Hard work is a daunting demand of physical and mental capabilities; enduring is inevitable on the road to success – that unpleasant stretching beyond comfort zone is the key to success. The opposite of hard work is to “be average” and achieving average results – super-success requires super-effort and fearlessly jumping above everything called average. Hard work is your compass in the land of discoveries.

The fastest way of getting fired after being hired is to be tired. In any competition – only the hardest trained people wins. Everything without pain does not have any gain. Good things are not cheap – if you find any glittering stuff effortlessly; be very careful because such is more likely to be a trap than luck! No pain – No gain is the rule of the game.

Thomas A Edison is one of the greatest inventors that ever lived; he said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” Bill Gates never said that Microsoft evolved effortlessly while watching TV – He worked super-hard to achieve that supper-success. Only hardworking people will accumulate wisdom for experiencing breakthroughs.

There is no super-human, all achievers are mere men and women that attempted things that were bigger than them – you don’t catch big fishes in shallow water; you must proceed to deep sea!

Have you heard Will Smith? “The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is: I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, but if we get on the treadmill together, there are two things: you’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.”

What a statement? I guess you should read it again – very slowly! Can you see some hidden power within those words? That treadmill represents whatever you desire. It could be a good grade, promotion, hit song, award winning movie, world acclaimed invention, world shaking discovery, unimaginable gadget, world transforming books, medical breakthrough, life changing initiative, world re-orientating NGO. Anything! If you can work hard at it then you can get it. It’s really that simple – Isn’t it?

How can you win someone that does not surrender – Dying itself is a sort of surrendering to life! A “never surrendering” person will eventually get whatever he or she desired notwithstanding intellect, strength, age, field, disability or anything.

The amount of time and energy invested in the preparation of that five minutes speech is the yardstick for the performance. That five minutes’ hit track had “hundreds of rehearsal hours” behind it. Hard work is universal and constant, it works at all times.

Hard work had changed almost all known circumstances – failure to success, weakness to strength, poverty to riches, and ignorance to education. Hard work pays; don’t let some momentary sale figures confuse you. If luck provides you a chance then hard work is definitely required in maintaining such position.

Doing nothing is stagnation and backwardness because nature is not at standing-still. Unemployment is too small to hold down people that are going somewhere. Better result requires better input – it’s working harder and smarter! Hard work never hurts anyone; those that are rating smartness above hardness are explaining the same facts in different ways. Leveraging on technology, refining plans, measuring productive, re-strategizing or re-calibrating when necessary are both smart work and hard work in motion. Working harder and working smarter are simply inseparable; both of them are work, they both requires pushing beyond limits physically and mentally. To be smarter is to think harder and thinking itself is a very hard work.

Sometimes, it is not how hard one works but how productive or better placed – how smart. There is a popular story of two woodcutters that were given blunt axe to cut down a big tree; one started exerting energy immediately and got it done in 10 hours. The other took 5 hours to sharpen the axe and cut down the wood in 5 hours with less effort – they both got result but somebody might need a pain reliever. Next time, he’ll learn to sharpen his axe before exerting energy.

For instance, assuming I need to carry out research on fifty selected customers; One method is to mail questionnaires to them; another one is to call them on phone; it is also possible to organize an event that will bring them together for brainstorming sections or to arrange meetings with them one after the other. Whichever is smarter or harder is tied to individual perspectives, the nature of the task, available man and machine power, prevailing technology and other factors – what matters is result!

The best are always striving to get better! They continually push themselves beyond their comfort zone; ever innovating and improving; attempting to better their best at all times. All job vacancies need only intelligent and hardworking applicants; those that can work hard and smart.

There are other components of success that requires hard work; research, time management, perusal of excellence, accountability, marketing, etc – because there is no permanent success; re-firing is consistently required.

I’ve heard lot arguments that working too hard can be detrimental to one’s health and productivity. It is simply impossible to ignore the “stop now” signal being issue by your body system whenever it is stretched to the maximum except you are on steroids; by the time you notice your brain is displaying 5 as the answer for 2 + 2, you know that sleeping then is not an option. The eyes will definitely be closing by itself, the hands, back and all other will stage a riot and all processing capabilities will be shutting down gradually and if you refuse – the next time you open your eyes will be one hour of forced uncomfortable sleep by the body agents. Overworking oneself is not possible.

Having rest and stress management is critical. Anyone that refuses to yield to “let’s sleep a while” invitation of the human physiology will be forced to take an unpleasant vacation on the hospital bed. Tension is necessary. The right amount of tension in a guitar is for tuning to bring out better sound – too much and it will snap.

Taking correction and making changes are hard work too; nobody enjoys dumping a long standing habit or attitude that is somehow enjoyable – it’s painful to be corrected; all of one’s stupidity and errors appears to be broadcasted on nationwide television – what a shame. That is the main reason why blame shifting, refusal of correction, etc seems to very rampant these days. Standout, be different, train yourself like the body builders that understand that each pain grows the muscle. Learn to enjoy the pains that are crucial to your success – if you avoid the pain, you miss out on the growth.

Lastly, it is very important not to allow pride to rob us of the kindness and humility required for the next success – be kind, budget some percentage to help others; give back to the society that “paid” for you wealth and remember the greatest law is Love.

Work harder or smarter; whichever – just achieve, banish pride, try kindness and touch your world.

See you at the Top!

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Laws of Success Series – #10 Take Actions

Action is doing something, it’s all about carrying out the activities that followed the decision of a planned process targeted at achieving a set goal. Hope you still remember that goals on their own are the products of ideas generated by numerous brain storming sessions.

Action is the only vehicle that drives ideas to their destinations. It’s indeed the hardest part of achieving success; it requires daunting physical and mental inputs. It is the implementation stage of an imaginary substance of the mind called idea in an entirely different environment – the physical world. The dream world is the domain of unlimited, boundless and unchallenged achievements; whereas, in the real word; limitations and unexpected should be expected and prepared for – that’s why you need backup plans.

There is no free-lunch anywhere – somebody is paying! Action is the principal requirement for results and successes; nothing moves unless something is pushing it. Without actions, there’ll be no result; generation of idea, goal setting, planning and decision must proceed to actions – otherwise, they are all mere waste of time and energy.

There is a children’s riddle about five frogs sitting on a log by a pond. One decided to jump in – how many frogs were sitting on the log? It’s still five because the only one that decided to jump didn’t do it. That frog wasn’t in anyway different from others that never bothered to decide. Decision without action is futility!

Knowledge alone is never power! Its potency can only be vividly achieved when combined with actions. Little or no action will produce their exact measure of results. Focus your attention on the goals; don’t mind the heights of those issues challenging your action plans. Forget excuses no matter how real they seem to be and fire on to the domain of your super-success.

Challenges, under-estimations, over-estimations, wrong assumptions, inaccurate calculations or projections may be standing very tall with all their full artilleries to kill your dream – don’t give up nor give-in; just fight on and conquer. Most dreams were killed by fatal accidents on the super-highway of action filled with FEAR!

The road that lead to success if full of hurdles of various heights, widths and shapes. Your unwavering determination for actualizing your desired goal will be tested over and over again. It is either you are strong enough to push on or have your dreams gradually being killed and later buried in the graveyard of failure.

Identify the distractions to your action plans and eliminate them – shut down TV, talk less, do more; get knowledge and pursue understanding, it is also very important to be appreciating your progress as you go on in order to build more strength for future challenges. Deal with other hindrances such as over-sleeping, over-eating, over-spending, bad habits, procrastination, etc – just kick them out and move on.

Don’t just make qualitative decisions; follow them to their destinations with required actions. The lubricant for productive action is the mental status and preparedness, actions taken with positive emotions produces fantastic result. Likewise, actions fueled with fear, anger, offence, revenge, dejection, depression and pride are strength zappers and disaster waiting to happen.

Learn to start big things in tiny ways; forest fires are usually started by a single spark of fire. Many great businesses of today started in small way; it is absolutely impossible to be 100% assured of future success – uncertainty abounds! Some blue chip companies actually started at kitchens, garages and bedrooms. Whenever the challenges of starting something seem too high – just start anyhow! Find new methods, investigate and discover alternative route of getting to your desired success. If you don’t stop yourself – nothing can stop you.

Waiting for 100% assurance before proceeding means that you’ll never start. If the road to your destination must be totally clean, clear and void of uncertainties – then you’ll never move. There’re always rooms for corrections and adjustments during motions.

Are you waiting for a certain shade of green light? Act NOW and See you at the Top

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Laws of Success Series – #9 Decisions

The starting point of every journey is the place of decision. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a footstep. That first footstep was the action that followed a particular decision; it is actually a selection of actions and forming opinions via mental processes. Decision-making is the process of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker – socioeconomic status, belief system, knowledge, understanding, experience, emotion and feeling are the building blocks all individual.

Decision usually produces a final choice that may or may not prompt action. A good decision requires accurately weighing the positives and negatives effects of each option, and considering all the alternatives by vigilantly forecasting outcomes. However, it is possible not to have a ‘correct’ decision among the available choices – that is where skills and intellect comes in.

We make tons of quick decisions unconsciously; you’ve made a lot today – the cloth worn, phone calls, picked books, gadgets held, routes followed, words said, actions taken – they are all your decisions. At another time, we just endure the pain of not making any decision by endlessly searching for more information, getting busy with something so as not to have to think about it, or leaving it to the last minute and expects others to help us with our own decision.

You life is a stack of decisions, where you are now is the outcome of numerous decisions taken in the past. Some of them took your forward; others cause stagnation or possibly backwardness. It is also possible that some of them had caused avoidable sufferings and regrets – that is the reason why you must make good decisions. Decision is like a maze where direction taken determines destination or surprisingly arriving at a dead end.

Tossing a coin, sticking a pin in a list or leaving issues to chances is never a way to good decision. The beginning of every success-story embodies a good decision; likewise, failure, poverty and regrets are the fruits of bad decisions.

If you ever wanted to see how busy gyms can be – visit one during the first few weeks of every year. Millions of people worldwide makes “new year resolutions” annually. You don’t have to wait till the end of the year before making resolutions – make them right here, right now; and most importantly – stick to them like a postage stamps. Push your decision to its land of fulfillment by adding actions.

The fulfillment of your dream is in your hand; the dream of living a successful life or dying as a pauper is right at your finger tips – Nobody is to be blamed for anything. It is either you take the decision or time will decide for you.

The business world uses the term SWOT analysis to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats of all possibilities in the process of aiding decision-making. The following are the generally accepted steps to decision-making:

  1. Be calm and stay clear of intellectual cobwebs viz: fear, anger, revenge, pride, etc
  2. Think and list all possible solutions or options
  3. Gather enough information to boast your skills and reasoning – you many need to consult experts
  4. Consider, compare and analyze the magnitude all pros and cons – think and search
  5. Prioritize the options
  6. Weighing up the pros and cons of each course of action
  7. Have a Backup plan
  8. Making the decision
  9. Evaluate and refine your decision

Go ahead, make that decision: enroll in that course, carry out the research, try your hands on something else, learn that new language, perform the investment, start the business, implement the project, start the NGO, mend the relationship – whatever, whenever , where – Decide now!

Don’t kill your goal nor waste your plan- Make that decision and See you at the Top

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Laws of Success Series – #8 Plan to Succeed

A journey without a plan is leading nowhere. Planning is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal.

Planning involves the creation and maintenance of steps required for the attainment of a specific goal. Whenever thinking cumulates into idea generation – additional thinking-task of translating them into goals becomes inevitable. Thereafter, further-thinking activities of breaking the goals down into sub-goals or objectives and creating detail definition of “how to achieve them” becomes extremely important – that is planning!

A detail research once reveals that greater number of people responds spontaneously to issue – why? Thinking is tedious, to be frank, it is a very hard work! A lot of people have adopted the cheap lifestyle of not using their brain. Evaluating, projecting, forecasting result and integration with other plans aren’t job for the lazy bones. The business world has several names for planning: formulation of strategies, planning process, strategic planning, etc. Whatever name attached to it does not matter; planning is a sort of formulation, evaluation and selection of a sequence of thoughts and actions to achieve a desired goal.

The set of people without plans can cannot clearly define what they wanted in life nor narrate their intended steps towards success. When there is nothing to pursue – there’ll be nothing to possess. No wonder there are more poor people in our world today – There is a great need for intellectual surgeries. Those that don’t plan usually get drown in the polluted water of poverty, failure and regrets.

Planning is the core ingredient of achieving anything. It’s like building the bridge that leads to your destination. Planning gives direction; reveals strategies and brings required components into lime light thereby enabling the creation of parameters for monitoring progress and evaluation results at different stages.

The surest way to fail is failing to plan; anyone that is not achieving optimally should examine his or her planning style. Planning has been discovered to be the greatest facilitator for efficient utilization of scare resources such as money and time. It increases productivity and encourage researches. Every unplanned day must definitely be under-productive.

Planning opens the eyes to the unexpected and enables adequate preparation for the unseen to avoid truncation of ideas. It also reveals “hidden opportunities” for super-success. Preparation Prepares People for Proper Performances” (5Ps)

Start planning, don’t waste any more time; today’s currency is measured with time – spend it wisely. A wise man once said “waste your time and waste your life”.

The business world is always using the planning principle extensively. It is being used in achieving a lot of corporate goals ranging from customer service, production enhancement, speedy delivery, administrative efficiency, research, advertisement and everywhere.

Start right here, right now – state the steps required for the attainment of that goal that is very important to you; identify the sub-goals or objectives. Take sub-goals or objectives one at a time and state their own requirements. If any of those requirements seems to be big enough for breaking down – do it, pick it as a sub-sub goal and define its own “how to”. If you can define it then you can achieve it.

Refine you plans, merge some, discard others, get other peoples’ competence into you plan; rent a machine that is too expensive for your financial status, use your apartment when the required rent is beyond your reach, carry out the research by yourself, get involved in the marketing – ask relevant questions, learn new stuffs on the internet and rule your world!

Get inspired, plan the planning to your success and See you at the Top

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or

Laws of Success Series – #7 Goal Setting

When there is nothing to pursue, there will be nothing to possess. A goal is defined as a desired result or achievement of something where a given effort is diverted. Expectations without actions are mere wishes and daydreams that can never happen.

A goal can also be termed as the end result, an outcome, the purpose, target, intent of specific activities. Having a goal chat directions, guides, create focus, set patterns, motivates, inspires, increase eagerness and enables focusing on things that maximizes the chance of its achievement. Goals have a way of inviting all human energies (physical, mental and spiritual) to move into action and subsequently make its attainment more visible.

Goals provide focus; with no guiding vision or plan, people tend to drift. It enhances productivity and boasts self-esteem in all areas of life. Goalless people aren’t going anywhere – if you don’t have any goal, life will freely give you a very cheap one from the storehouse of failure, poverty and regret; good things are never cheap! What would you call a football match with no goal post? Senseless match, time-wasting match, fool-ball match or whatever!

When dreams have been translated into imaginary substances called ideas – the next step is to set their goals and pursue them passionately and restlessly for actualizations. When goals are set – all thoughts are diverted and concentrated on cooperation, functionality and performance. A goal can be long or short term, long-term achievement usually relies on short-term achievements. These short-term stuffs are called smaller goals, sub-goals, objectives, tasks, processes or components. They enable measurement of progress and making achievement more realistic – Management consultant calls such milestones performance indicators.

Setting a high goal that is higher than ones “perceived capabilities” have a way of helping the realization of full potential, striving to achieve more is the primary requirement for heightening strengths, extending capabilities and unleashing hidden potentials.

A goal can be positive or negative – for instance, to rob a bank is definitely bad, dangerous, criminal, immoral, devilish and also sinful according to all believe system. Good goals are normally problem solving, peace oriented, spirit motivating and fair to everyone concerned.

Unrealistic goals are fruitless effort in production of useless substance – it is definitely a sincere waste of time and energy – nobody buys such. Whatever your goal sounds like – finance, marriage, academic, employment, business, closing a deal, writing a book, solving a problem, maintaining good health, having a pleasant relationship, training a child, starting a NGO – whatever, just sketch out your roadmap and achieve them. It is like building a bridge that leads to the domain of super-success. You’ve got all it takes!

We’ve been taught many times that our goals must be SMART – I strongly agree with that, somebody, sometimes added more definitions and I guess you should see them too:

S – specific, significant, stretching
M – measurable, meaningful, motivational
A – agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
R – realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
T – time-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable

Every goal that must get to its destination must be greatly desired and pursued with its clearly defined, refined plan of action. Let’s get a bit practical – state the plan of actions required for these goals: regular exercises; eating of nourishing foods; personal intellectual development; healthy family relationship; spiritual development; raising enough money to start a business and any other three that are important to you.

Break down that goal into yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, forth-nightly, weekly, daily and hourly basis – and stick to them. Take advantage of technology, create reminders and alarms on all your gadgets, stay organized, learn whatever is required, and enlist the help of others. Nothing should be big enough for you to “give up”, when life get tough, get tougher. I’m very sure that you can’t and won’t give up – would you?

State them, break them, consider the challenges, re-appraise, re-examine, re-orientate, enhance and fire on! A wise man once remarked that “if you perspire to acquire what you desire, do not retire but re-fire”

Set goals to your ingenious ideas; pursue, achieve and See you at the Top!

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Laws of Success Series – #6 Generate Valuable Ideas

There is something that is currently ruling our world – it’s not political affiliation or eloquence of speech, neither is it physical strengths nor financial muscles. It has nothing to do with royalty, population, business connections, military power or stored ammunition. This world would have been empty, boring, stagnant and completely unproductive without ideas – Ideas rules.

The level of advancements witnessed in our world today is directly proportional to the number of ideas that have been generated and actualized.

Thinking on how to make people think on thinking requires it own special thinking. It is a sort of re-thinking and thinking-through explanation of simple but interwoven abstract components in the realm of intellectual. This is the most demanding aspect of inspiring, motivation and coaching in life. However, you as a reader must act here; we have to work together; you’ll need to personally look in between the words on these pages to unlock that “hidden treasures” stored in your imaginative world – First thing first, get a pen and a paper!

The focus here is bringing your ideas to life, it’s also possible to conceive new ones as we brainstorm together; they might jump out of these pages and stand tall before you – when that happens, stop reading for a while and grab them immediately?

You’ve waited for too long, that idea had over-stayed in your mental domain, translate them into this physical world – cloth them with nice packaging and present your ingenuity to the entire world to appreciate and of course – buy. Now is the time to sing that song, write that book, begin the NGO begins, produce that stuff, re-package that thing, carry out that research, offer that service, – just do it.

What about those gadgets yelling “make me better” – look inward, peep outward, observe sideways and investigate everywhere deeply – recalibrate, repackage, re-strategize, re-orientate – you’ve got all it takes – just go for it.

Impossibility is only a matter of time. There is nothing that is absolutely impossible; it’s just that the solution hasn’t showed up yet. Sometime in the past, it was boastfully announced that “man can never fly” but the wright brothers shook the world with their flying machine.

Success is all about identifying a need and meeting it, problem solvers are money makers. The more human problems you are able to solve – the more money you’ll be making.

Two men were walking through a rural setup and saw two different things – One saw poor people with poor standards, led by inexperience and corrupt leaders while the other saw many investment opportunities in agriculture, food processing, education, telecommunication, transportation, manufacturing, ware-housing plus chains of wholesalers and franchise.

To be successful, you must train your eyes to quickly see how to make life better, simpler and more comfortable and you’ll be on your road to next self-made millionaire – sorry, billionaire! It is not mandatory that your idea must be a brand-new one, enhancing existing ones is also a trait of in-born genius. Come to think of it – Bill gate wasn’t the first guy to write an operating system, Graham Bell just added the finishing touch to telephone and it was credited to him. Don’t wait for anything – just proceed.

There is a man called Edwin Land, he took a photograph of his young daughter in his studio. Surprisingly, the young girl wanted her picture right away in the mid 19th century when such request was termed as impossible.

Mid 19th century was the era of pin-hole cameras when every snaps must pass through washing with several chemicals in dark room to becoming negative – thereafter, exposed by intense light upon another kind of paper before being washed in another set of chemicals. What a long process, the young girl wanted her picture immediately. That strange request drove her father’s thinking towards the generation of idea and the birth of instant photograph called Land-Polaroid.

A drug clerk once risked all his life savings of $500 to purchase an old kettle and a wooden paddle from a doctor that does not identify the magic of what he sold. The clerk added something more and the result was Coca-Cola.

Ideas can pop up at unexpected times – ensure to have a means of inscribing them on permanent media – Idea have large wings and unless nailed down; they will fly away forever. An idea not written down is a fortune forfeited. Don’t ever go to anywhere without a pen and a paper. Ideas are life diamonds; if you ever walked pass one without picking it up – forget, it’s gone for good – you won’t find it there next minute.

Sometimes, Idea generation and its management are not found in the same person – a singer might not be administratively inclined – so a manager is inevitable, don’t be afraid of “leveraging” on other peoples competence but ensure to have strong, legal and worktable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to prevent complications, legal battles and eventual death of your golden-goose that ought to be laying golden-eggs for many golden-years

The entire world is waiting for your own contribution – it’s our world, I mean your own world, so go ahead, touch it positively, make some people happy, create pleasant surprises and let loose satisfaction – anyway, anyhow – just do it.

Let those ideas show-up physically and See You at the Top

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or

Laws of Success Series – #5 Create a Thinking Corner

Thinking was defined as the action of using one’s mind to produce thoughts while thought itself can be referred to as ideas or its processing and critical arrangements.

Thinking aids conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to idea generation.

It’s not time bound; it can travel decades into the past and future within seconds. It is indeed the greatest wonder of creation that clearly distinct human from all other living things.

Thinking is all about visualizing, forming an image, combining different elements and patiently organizing, improving and subjecting the idea to numerous acid tests until it comes out as a refined and brilliant idea.

A wise man named Martin Heidegger once remarked that “What is most thought-provoking in these thought-provoking times, is that we are still not thinking”

Thinking has been discovered to be the amazing force behind all inventions and revolutions. It takes great thinkers to provide great solutions! The medical professionals surprisingly revealed that only a tiny percentage of the human brain is ever used in one’s lifetime. WAO – what a super-factory you’ve up there? Let that engine roar and shake this world!

The frequent emergence of discoveries and inventions in our technologically advanced world is a glimpse of the human thinking capabilities – The computer, internet, mobile phones, home /office appliances, magnificent buildings, engineering masterpiece, motor vehicles, airplanes, jets, ship, submarines, medical equipments, gadgets and all others are products of “good thinking” – see why you must start think now!

Fuel your mental machine, let your dream and desire prompt the resumption of your intellectual productions; the entire worlds’ market is waiting for your winning idea and super-wealth.

Different people have different events that trigger their creative thinking – Yours could be during shower, when taking a walk, staring at the moon, a sea view, the beauty of sunset or twinkling stars. Sometimes, ideas pop up when we explore the opposites. Whatever, wherever – just think!

Start thinking, think again and re-think on everything you’ve seen everywhere – ask yourself the “golden question” How I can improve these inventions. Think deeply on everything that is expensive – your question should be “how can it be made cheaper”?

Having a blue chip company currently producing a particular item does not matter – if you ever find a way to produce it cheaper and better – then, your own blue-chip company is about to be born. Other must sit tight and learn from the master or gradually go into extinction like their predecessors. Go ahead! The whole world is waiting for you.

Presently, there are millions of researches going on in all fields of human endeavor – they are all looking for solutions! Switch on your mental laboratory, start your boundless researches and be the first to discover the next world acclaimed solution. Amazingly, the cost is just time not money.

Take a plunge into the future – visualize what will be required. Bring tomorrows’ technology out today! Step into the domain of unimaginable, take your imagination to the wildest jungle and explore the power of creative thinking – open new doors, go the uncharted path, set the standard – be the yardstick! Thomas Edison was an expert in doing that! At another time, go down memory lane – trace backward, imagine your childhood days and see with the eyes behind.

Wait a minute – have you seen anything in your environment that is yelling – make me better? They are always there – it’s just that you need to look deeper, clearer, brighter and more passionately.

Leverage on past achievements, there are many proven and unbreakable principles that had help exploration – key into these wisdom. Take your water from an already-dug well – you don’t need to dig your own well before drinking water.

Newton said; “if I’ve seen any further, it is by standing on the shoulder of those that have gone before me”.

Inventions are not always about originality, but rather constant application of thought and tools to arrive at a solution.

Read widely and deeply. Don’t limit yourself to standards – go overboard no matter how silly or unworkable they sound, after all, it’s in your mind nobody and can term that as offense or crime. Think differently, pounder unconventionally, let it be beyond ordinary, take it from a new perspective, step into the future – see more than normal – use your internal eyes and conceive the idea that will shake our world once again.

Ask questions repeatedly, be super-quick to write, consider everything everywhere, re-orientate the idea, turn it upside down, right-side up, tilt it, screw it, punch it, shrink it, bounce it, throw it, expand it and observe every single inspiration that sparks out.

Don’t be afraid when your ideas are criticized, at times such opposition shed more light, what do you think those executive does at meetings – ideas clashing warfare – allow ideas to clash, be ready for criticism, don’t be dogmatic, the spat that the clashes generate might make you see clearer.

It is also very important for you to consider the best and worst case synerio –it’s simple a style of “hoping for the best and preparing for the worst” – this will protect you from being down casted and having your idea truncated when confrontation emerges. When your idea crumbles before you like a pack of logs – just say “Oops! Where’s the next direction?”

Sometimes ago, I read an article on WikiHow. I guess, it is provocative enough to bring out geniuses out of everyone. The link is

A onetime American president was asked “sir – what is the secret of your success? He looked up and said I think for six hours every day. Use that stuff between your ears – yes, your brain. It is the fastest computer in the world.

Be a great thinker, set up time each day to think critically – whatever department that requires attention such as finance, health, relationship, spiritual, physical fitness, academic, skill acquisition, invention – whatever!

Let you thinking provoke thought for understanding and emergence of wisdom plus idea that will eventually cumulates into invention and supper-success.

Think, Think, Think and see you at the Top!

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Laws of Success Series – #4 Learn from Failures

Problem Prepares People for Potential Prosperity (5P). Your present challenges are the requirements for your next promotion. There is nowhere in this world where wisdom for success is being sold in exchange for money. It’s all about learning! Failure is not a curse; it is simply a proof that you have not done it right.

Experiences, exposures, inspirations, motivations and wisdom nuggets are what trigger geniuses in people. It is critical to have the understanding that every problem has in it a seed of greater prosperity. When you fail; learn good life changing lessons and fire on.

The fact that you failed sometimes, somewhere, somehow does not doom you as a failure for life – Take a study of world acclaimed achievers; their numerous failures upon failures on the roads to their destinations will definitely fascinate you. You are never a failure until you label yourself as one.

It is not how many times that one fails that matters but what was learnt from those unpleasant moment of failures. Thomas Edison failed nine hundred and ninety-nine times while inventing the incandescent light bulb in 1880. A wise man once remarked that failure is success turned inside-out. Free your mind of negative cobwebs, dwelling on past failures and refusing to move forward is the greatest dreams killer and a guarantee pathway for bigger failures and regrets. Difficult times are good teachers.

Carbon graphite and diamond are from the same substance. It is pressure that made diamond glows and precious. Turn your disappointments into assets – extend such learning and progress to all areas of life and let those failures drive you to your destination of celebration for coronation. Don’t you want to be crowned?

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back because if you can look up then you can get up. In addition, whenever you hit the bottom – there is only one direction to go – it’s bouncing back! Only cowards and dreamless people commit suicide – how can somebody says it’s finished when the heart is still pumping blood. No way! Difficult times don’t kill – depression, dejection, fear, hopelessness, laziness and all other negative attitudes are the poisons and destroy destinies.

Forget past failures, a driver that keeps looking backward while on motion because of past driving mistakes will eventually runs into a bigger ditch. Face your destination passionately, give it all it takes and go forward!

There is only one person to be blamed for all your misfortunes; that person is your worst enemy. Yes, this personality is very lazy, unrealistic, over-spending, indiscipline and sometimes daydreams –It’s that person in the mirror – next time you see that person, please tell the fellow to “Get Serious because you are not playing games anymore

Another reason why you must learn from those mistakes is because – they were your own fault – you caused them all. Somehow, somewhere, sometimes, you made the wrong choice and took the wrong action. Anyway, that is in the past and does not matter anymore but what is critical is the understanding that your life, your victory, your success, your celebration and everything depends on what you’ve learnt and steps that follows – you can’t afford to mess up your own single, precious and glorious life nor waste any more time. Would you?

Get real, learn from failures, fire on and See you at the Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or

Laws of Success Series – #3 Its a Dreamers’ World

Blind minds are worse than blind eyes. It’s your thinking that will determine your destination. Both poverty and riches are offspring of thoughts. Two men were in the same pit; one was looking upward and the other downward. One saw stars, the other one saw mud – it depends on their understanding and perspectives. What are you looking at? What are you seeing?

A lecturer once placed a transparent object in the middle of the class and gave it light via a fiber optical cable. He then asked the students about the colors being seen. Some said its blue, other said red, yellow, green, purple and they were almost quarreling because every one of them seemed to be absolutely sure of what they saw. Instantly, the light was turned off and the object stood before them as a clear, crystal and transparent prism – They yelled WAO! It’s all about the direction of your perception and at times, the light shining on it.

Sometimes, when life turns its black side to us –we name them problems, some other people might tagged them as challenges. It is what we call things that they eventually turns out to be; our description of circumstances is a product of our understanding, thinking, maturity, strength and believe system.

It takes seeing something in the mental faculty before it can become a reality. It is only what you can dream that you can possess. Nobody on this planet ever achieve anything that  is too big for their minds to conceive. That super-factory between your ears called brain is the birthplace of every invention.

We are living in a dreamers’ world – dreamers are winners. You must visualize your success before it can come to existence. If you can’t have it in your head, it can’t exist on your hands. Dream very big, make it super-high, let it be bigger than you – it is allowed! That’s where God comes in, “heaven help those that can not help themselves”. If you did not dream of building a sky-crapper then you’ll never build a bungalow.

Dreams can be likened to visions and goals – you must have something that you are living for! If you are not standing for something then you’ll fall for everything. There must be something that you are aiming, something you are working at on daily basis – I mean, something that you believe will take you to your land of success. That very thing aimed at making our world better by solving or enhancing a particular aspect of human challenges.

Your dream will make you sleepless and restless if it is big enough. It will make you to jump out of bed after sleeping for 5-6 hours. A vision-less or dreamless person is psychologically blind. Such people are termed as “eyes open – brain empty personalities”. Some of them actually requires urgent and critical inspirational surgery!

The mind is like a film in a pin-hole camera – it captures the image of what it sees and after being washed, developed in several chemicals then bring out to life the image of what was once captured. That image is the dream and all the processes used in bringing it to life are components required for success (desire, discovering, decision, determination, hard-work, learning, asking and their siblings)

The human eyes have a way of forming an image of what it sees into the subconscious; that is one of the wonders of creation, that image drives restlessly on the path of achievement. The minds’ power is an amazing driving force – its drives the entire human mechanism to pursue what it had seen.

Be inquisitive – open your eyes very well, ask yourself idea generating questions on whatever you’re seeing: how good will it be to have cars that does not use fuel, how convenient will be to use the WIFI facilities on mobile phones for zero-charges communication within offices and homes, how pleasant will it be to have camp beds that can be folded into an average size bag-pack, what about eye-glasses with video recording capability, will a baby-sitting robot help in anyway, how will a robot dogs look like, etc.

If you won’t stop yourself – then absolutely nothing can stop you – It’s your world!

Go on Dreaming and See You at the Top!

Victor Onanubi is an experienced System Analyst /Programmer @, he can be reached on or