Laws of Success Series – #3 Its a Dreamers’ World

Blind minds are worse than blind eyes. It’s your thinking that will determine your destination. Both poverty and riches are offspring of thoughts. Two men were in the same pit; one was looking upward and the other downward. One saw stars, the other one saw mud – it depends on their understanding and perspectives. What are you looking at? What are you seeing?

A lecturer once placed a transparent object in the middle of the class and gave it light via a fiber optical cable. He then asked the students about the colors being seen. Some said its blue, other said red, yellow, green, purple and they were almost quarreling because every one of them seemed to be absolutely sure of what they saw. Instantly, the light was turned off and the object stood before them as a clear, crystal and transparent prism – They yelled WAO! It’s all about the direction of your perception and at times, the light shining on it.

Sometimes, when life turns its black side to us –we name them problems, some other people might tagged them as challenges. It is what we call things that they eventually turns out to be; our description of circumstances is a product of our understanding, thinking, maturity, strength and believe system.

It takes seeing something in the mental faculty before it can become a reality. It is only what you can dream that you can possess. Nobody on this planet ever achieve anything that  is too big for their minds to conceive. That super-factory between your ears called brain is the birthplace of every invention.

We are living in a dreamers’ world – dreamers are winners. You must visualize your success before it can come to existence. If you can’t have it in your head, it can’t exist on your hands. Dream very big, make it super-high, let it be bigger than you – it is allowed! That’s where God comes in, “heaven help those that can not help themselves”. If you did not dream of building a sky-crapper then you’ll never build a bungalow.

Dreams can be likened to visions and goals – you must have something that you are living for! If you are not standing for something then you’ll fall for everything. There must be something that you are aiming, something you are working at on daily basis – I mean, something that you believe will take you to your land of success. That very thing aimed at making our world better by solving or enhancing a particular aspect of human challenges.

Your dream will make you sleepless and restless if it is big enough. It will make you to jump out of bed after sleeping for 5-6 hours. A vision-less or dreamless person is psychologically blind. Such people are termed as “eyes open – brain empty personalities”. Some of them actually requires urgent and critical inspirational surgery!

The mind is like a film in a pin-hole camera – it captures the image of what it sees and after being washed, developed in several chemicals then bring out to life the image of what was once captured. That image is the dream and all the processes used in bringing it to life are components required for success (desire, discovering, decision, determination, hard-work, learning, asking and their siblings)

The human eyes have a way of forming an image of what it sees into the subconscious; that is one of the wonders of creation, that image drives restlessly on the path of achievement. The minds’ power is an amazing driving force – its drives the entire human mechanism to pursue what it had seen.

Be inquisitive – open your eyes very well, ask yourself idea generating questions on whatever you’re seeing: how good will it be to have cars that does not use fuel, how convenient will be to use the WIFI facilities on mobile phones for zero-charges communication within offices and homes, how pleasant will it be to have camp beds that can be folded into an average size bag-pack, what about eye-glasses with video recording capability, will a baby-sitting robot help in anyway, how will a robot dogs look like, etc.

If you won’t stop yourself – then absolutely nothing can stop you – It’s your world!

Go on Dreaming and See You at the Top!

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Laws of Success Series – #2: DISCOVER YOURSELF

There is a genius in everyone that is either awake or sleeping. Having a distinct finger-print pattern is a clear indication that you are an original, a complete package; a finished product with amazing potentials. Yes! You are destined to be great and register your footprint on the sand of time.

You are never a photocopy; that facial resemblance with your parent has nothing to do with your personality; it does not in any way indicate your intellect, potential, strength, special abilities and success in life. Nobody was created to be poor. The rich and the poor were as a result of their choices.

Do you know there are 6 million nerves connecting your neck to the head, 75 billion cells functions sleeplessly in your body and that intestine inside your stomach is half a mile long – what a marvelous creation of a fantastic creator? How can such a masterpiece be termed as worthless?

Everybody was born blank; the world’s renowned inventors are inclusive – like a plain sheet of paper. There are only five things that Mother Nature thought everyone through the wonder of procreation – breathing, eating, crying, sleeping and excreting. Every other thing must be learnt – I mean learnt either pleasantly, painfully, regretfully or anyhow. We are all at one time taught how to talk, walk, wear cloths, put on sandals, brush teeth, etc. Nobody was born to be a genius. The only difference is that these common people used common things around them to produce uncommon things through creative thinking and imagination – that is how geniuses were made!

That great writer started learning from ABC. The creative imagination of having documents in a neater and appealing forms led to the production of typewriter machines. More thinking in that direction led to electronic typewriters, word processors and desktop publishing. Similar discoveries occurred in all other industries and led to their advancement.

There are special abilities in everyone, these in-built components were planted by the creator. They are distinct to you – your own makeup; things that appeals you, these are simply activities that you enjoy doing even without getting paid. They make you to standout in the crowd – very peculiar to you – They are your gifts. Carefully digging around your interest will definitely lead to great discoveries and reveal your goldmines. It is after then that you’ve awaken your sleeping giant for actualization of your super-success – what are you waiting for? Get started now!

Those that enjoys taking care of children and playing with might need to dig around businesses in the department of crèche, after-school, schools, amusement parks, etc. That pleasure derived from cooking great dishes may be another McDonald incubating in your dream world. If you are the type that enjoy watching sport with a good writing skills – I am seeing sport newspaper /magazine fast asleep. Don’t hesitate to use your ticket to your domain of prosperity and fulfillment.

There could be world acclaimed recipes lying down inside that chef; great books, hit tracks, latest styles, fabulous cars, trending gadgets, fascinating movies, etc – waiting patiently to be discovered and actualized.

There is a special abilities undiscovered inside a lot of people. Most achievers never knew their potential until when discovered, sometimes difficult situations prompts discoveries; when life puts you on a hard road- get harder. Somebody sometimes said when the world gives you a lemon; made lemonade out of it.

Are you complaining of un-employment? Getting a good job is worth the while but why not create one? Are you saying I don’t have idea – Think, think, think. Write a strong business plan rather than impressive resume. You can climb up to where money works for you instead of working for money. Somebody once remarked that when the world gives you a lemon; make lemonade out of it.

Don’t ever mention any excuse! Not even one – it might be real, existing and glaring; just take your eyes off your limitations and concentrate on your dream and strength.

  • The KFC colonel never studied catering and hotel management
  • Thomas Edison had impaired hearing but he converted such disability into asset and remarked that “I am not usually disturbed by worthless conversations”
  • The largest bank in the world – Bank America was started by an Italian broker that knew nothing about banking and finance.
  • Bill Gates once dropped out of school – to pursue his mountainous dream after discovering himself.

Opportunity is a very proud fellow – it doesn’t wait a second for anyone. Recognizing and grabbing it requires preparations and being ready – that also starts with discovering yourself; realizing your potentials, identifying your gifts and understanding that you’re a genius – hope you are not sleeping?

Wake up that Genius and See You at the Top

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Laws of Success Series – #1: DESIRE

Desire is the most potent driving force for achieving anything in life. Nature only gives everyone basic needs required for existence – breathing is free! Successful people with extra-ordinary achievement usually grab whatever they want from Mother Nature in a fierce battle that usually starts in the mental department of the human faculty.

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. The same sense is expressed by emotions such as “craving” or “hankering”. When a person desires something, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of that thing, and they want to take actions to obtain their goal.

Desire will generate momentums from the inside – The measure of your desire is directly proportional to the success – to be greatly successful and have outstanding results – you’ll definitely need a great amount of desire.

To desire something is a function of choice – The starting point of any journey is the decision to embark on such journey. A great desire will definitely shakes off some natural resistance such as laziness, fear, procrastination, self-pity or whatever!

Desire is the foundational component of your success empire – Every physical achievement is a product of that super factory called mind. If you can dream it – then you can have it.

It is very important to ensure that your desire is positive and its realization will make this world a better place for everyone – otherwise it is an obsession – negative desire can be very destructive.

Your desire must cumulate into great passion and eventually led you to great decision for your dream to be delivered at their appropriate time in life. No decision – No action and No action – No Progress! Failure of making the right decision at the right time is procrastination – that is one of the fastest roads to the domain of failures and regrets.

You can succeed, good health is possible, fantastic grades can be achieved, your relationship can be sweet; but – it is only if you are ready to give it all it takes. First thing First, DESIRE!

Having understood that desire is the starting point on the journey to the land of dream actualization, it is also important to identify the fact that all other components must be thoroughly mixed with it in other to produce worthy and lasting results.

Desire strengthens you and banishes stagnation and backwardness. It prompts you to carry out qualitative and valuable researches. It pushes you forward on the part of success – Many success stories are abruptly aborted due to dwindling and reducing desire. Your desire will determine whether you own dream is also meant for the “graveyard of unaccomplished goals”

Another good thing that desire does is creating a non-surrendering mindset. It continues to springs you up after every setback – It is simply a “No way, I won’t give up mindset”. This is one of the places where it share characteristic with passion and determination –sometimes, they are interwoven.

It is practically impossible to create a burning desire inside anybody – The best motivational speaker, life coach or whosoever can only awake your interest – the actual dreaming, desiring and decision making is an individualistic assignment. Unless you motivate yourself from inside – nothing will. You must visualize your dream before it can become reality – anything different from that is a mere day-dreaming.

Discipline is the training of the mind, it actually makes success to be worthy and lasting, and it’s usually leads to setting of standard and continuous striving of their attainments. It produces orderliness, obedience and self-control in addition to ensuring moral ethics and maturing the human mind. An indiscipline person will squander his /her inheritance /wealth and life-long achievements quickly.

It is not a mistake that all these foundational blocks of Success Empire start with letter “D” – Dream, Desire, Decision, Discipline and Determination.

You’ll definitely need the full utilization of your mental, spiritual and physical energies for your dream to be delivered intact – so start dreaming, heighten your desire, make qualitative decisions, and let your determination be so strong that nothing and absolutely nothing will terminate your journey to the land of super-success.

Give it a thought and see you at the Top!

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The Laws of Success

Do you really desire success? Are you passionate about it? Are you really sure? Hope you are aware of its great demands? Certainly, diamonds are not found on the ground – otherwise, they will be called ordinary stones. There is no such thing as nothing for something – you must pay a price for every good thing.

Success is good! Nothing good comes easy, to be a failure is very simple – Just don’t do anything; but to be a success, you must do many things. Achievers are never lazy, neither do they procrastinate nor day-dream. There is no blue print for success, you have to apply these laws of success diligently to be celebrated.

Your environment does not have anything to do with your wealth-creation. Every human being has red blood flowing within them and the color of the brain is grey no matter the skin deep color.

Success and failure people are opposite in their habit, presumption, believe, behavior and everything. If someone that saves a percentage of his /her earning for future investment is said to be wise – what will you call those that spend theirs?

Every decision will either increase or decrease you. Don’t bother about where you are now, your potential has not been fully utilized, you are not your best yet – you are destined for super-success, step up, achieve your dream and conquer your world.

Success is a habit, the more you do it the more you master it and love it also. Success is not tied to schools attended – most world richest people never had a degree before getting to the top. Researches had shown that about 42% of millionaires never went beyond high schools.

It is only those that are ready to wave failure goodbye that can welcome success – both of them cannot stay at the same place – You must choose one! You must Be Better Before Becoming Bigger (5B’s).

There must be a burning desire within you, the type that will keep you awake at nights and generate momentum inside you that drives your thinking-mechanism to generate great ideas. Yes! It will prompt you to pick pen and paper and inscribe those golden discoveries on the sand of time.

Another research revealed that personalized ideas are vigorously pursued – you don’t need anybody to tell you “exactly what to do”. It has to be your own conceptualized idea! Make an attempt to ask two or more self-made millionaires on how they made it, you’ll be surprised to discover that their magic portions are these 21 laws of success that will be shared in this series. These laws are not financially inclined alone – they can be applied in every areas of life.

There is a need to shut down TV, deny yourself of some pleasures. Riches are shy and timid; they must be attracted; wooed like wooing a lady but poverty is bold and ruthless to meet anybody without any formal invitation.

The shortcut to success is to know there is no short cut. There is no elevator; you must climb the ladder. It is never a gift; you have to earn it. To be average – just live a normal and average life but to be outstanding – you must do the extra ordinaries.

Laws only fail when not applied correctly; No one has ever made it to the top by chance. What seems like lucks are serious preparations meeting opportunities and using them well. Wealth accumulated by gambling are usually lost via the same medium. It is only in the dictionary that the word earnings and affluence comes before learning, passion, hard work and other components of success.

Stay in tune for the 21 laws of success.

Pounder on it and see you at the Top!

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Conquer Yourself

We all have a lot conquer; the road to success is full of hurdles of different heights, widths and shapes. Anywhere without road-blocks does not lead to an important place. To succeed in life, you have to be in full control of your own life. Taking responsibilities for all your actions is the beginning of a success-bound living. Such lifestyle will give you the understanding of “what” to do, things to avoid, those to learn in addition to teaching you many “how to” that leads to the place where fulfillment and satisfaction resides.

One of the greatest failure mentalities in life is to be shifting blames; it’s somehow disheartening when people quickly shift blames because of their egocentric perspective. Don’t be ashamed of your errors, after all you did them; nobody is perfect; it is only when we learn from our mistakes that we overcome challenges and become better in life.

Whenever you fall, wait a minute, look back to see why you fell; look forward to re-appraise where you are going and what is required; then continue the journey if it worth living for

An airplane has to overcome the force of gravity before it can fly, the ground too likes good things, almighty gravity actually wants the airplane to be in its possession forever. Every success story has fierce battles behind them. It is a never-surrendering type of warfare, no wonder airplanes usually runs very fast and makes very loud noise before taking off – I guess the airplane is saying to the force of gravity that “No Way! I must grab myself away from your grip in order to fly”

We are all born blank, we are all products of our environments, what went in through our “eye-gates” and “ear-gates” were the building blocks of our personalities that eventually formed the structure of knowledge, understanding, attitude and behavioral patterns.

There is a need to “look inward” and identify those things that have been retarding your progress. They must be conquered! You must come to the understanding that “you are your own worst enemy”. You are solely responsible for all your challenges, be it financial, marital, academic, spiritual – whatever!

Over-sleeping, procrastination, TV-addiction, laziness, distractions, over-eating, uncontrolled tongue, bad friends, corrupt associates, wrong assumptions, wastages and many other negative attitudes are your own fault. YES! Yours alone, every human being can be in full control of their lives “if only they are willing”, it is either you live your life or others will live it for you.

It is either you conquer yourself and become successful or continue the “pampering game” and remain stagnant; A wise man once remarked that:

The free and best victory is on oneself, you have to conquer yourself or it will conquer you

If you ever desire diamond, they you must be fully ready for fierce battles with the rocks that are keeping it in custody. To be dodging blames is a sign of timidity and a great refusal of learning from mistakes. No leading! No Improvements! A lot of people will give endless, cheap and repeating excuses such as it’s too cold, too hot, I’m tired, It’s too much, I often sleep off when reading, There are many must-watch TV programmes, My parent are poor, I have nobody to help me, None to teach me, It’s impossible to save money, The distance, The lecturer, The Health, The cloth, The height, The weight, The hair, My spouse, My children, My dog, My cat, My rat, bla, bla, bla.

Excuses are the cheapest things on earth; you can pick-up one anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyhow and on any day

Learning to accept your errors is a great gain and ensures to learn from them so that they won’t re-occur. Thereafter you’ll be a better person and continue the journey to your land of fulfillment. Children do fall many times when learning to walk, any child that is afraid of failing will never walk. Likewise, you have to know that nobody is perfect; striving towards perfection is a continuous and a life-long lessons. All of us ought to be wearing the sign “under-construction” hung on our necks.

A lot of people ignorantly put themselves into avoidable problems. For instance, a messenger residing in a three-bedroom flat apartment within an expensive locality had already created financial problem for himself. That resident is simply above his earning capability. There are foods, shoes, bags, cloths, resident, cars, bicycles and other things that match every pocket – Cut your cloth according to your material – Not size!

There are many people that strives to buy everything their friends were buying, that friend could be earning or saving more than them, it is also possible that such person have less responsibilities or with additional streams of income. Get real, be yourself, know your capacity and don’t exceed it on pleasurable things.

Pick up a pen and a paper, write down how much you earn, think of how to increase it, calculate how much you spend, discard some and postpone others – As per creditors, have a workable repayment plan and stick to it. Be in full control of your spending; have budget, don’t buy at impulse, Conquers the “buy buy” spirit that grew up with everyone. What is the essence of beverage drink after every meal, take water sometimes, skip taxi for five to 10 minutes walk, and stop punishing yourself by wasting your own “hard-earn” money.

Think about it and see you at the Top!

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Get Ready To Fire Your Boss

Jane, you are fired! Umar, your service is no longer required! What an unexpected proclamation from Mr. Boss! Does he not realize the importance of those jobs to his once highly valued employees? Those jobs were actually their only source of living for crying out loud! How can he be that cruel? How does he expect them to survive? Who is going to pay their bills? What have they done wrong?

Anyway, both of them were discovered to have committed chronic, extreme and over-staying on pay-jobs and never planned to FIRE their boss.

It is very certain that nobody is going to be working at the same place forever, if you don’t prepare to get out by yourself pleasantly; then be you’ll definitely be pushed out by age, years in service or be faced with “you are fired” whichever comes first.

The reasons for such proclamations is another kettle of fish – It might be considered trivial but when balanced on the scale of income versus huge expenditures plus depreciation added to liabilities and multiplied by high, demanding and scaring wages /salaries; only entrepreneurs can explain the gravity and agony caused by such lateness, oversight, common mistakes, etc.

A lot of people are also getting naturally fired by unexpected circumstances such as sickness, death, winding-up, partners-fallout, government policies and even emergence of new technologies. I guess it’s time for you to ask yourself this golden question: “Am I waiting to be fired or seriously planning to pleasantly fire my boss?”

Come to think of it, your boss at sometimes, somehow, somewhere FIRED his own boss. Yes! It takes firing ones boss to become that dreamed manufacturer, the celebrated business owner, successful entrepreneur, renowned consultant, etc.

Surprisingly, many good bosses actually liked been fired by potentially successful people. They will always remember, reference and be proud to be associated with your super-success. You don’t even have to worry about the vacuum to be created by your exit. Good business owners know how to get smart people into their workforce. There are lots of smart people out there that are either “tired” or “fired”.

Every invention that had rocked our world existed as a result of somebody, somewhere at sometime critically thinking on something that will make peoples life to be better, safer, simpler or more satisfying. It is not entirely tied to new invention alone; most times, it by finding simpler and cheaper means of doing a particular thing. Solving a targeted problem is a guaranteed pathway to wealth accumulation. Problem solvers are money makers!

Imagine the transformation brought into our world by the emergence of electricity, telephone, cars, x-ray, airplanes, air conditioner, freezers, computers, internet, microwave ovens, blenders. Think out of the box, do something, search for one or conceptualize the idea of improving an existing one – When you get it, don’t wait just go for it!

Regular savings have been linked to the foundation of many success stories. You must set apart some percentage of your earning no matter the prevailing economic situation. This is one of the good parts of pay-jobs. You can also allow those saving to be having children by carefully selecting an investment option in the money market – Risk and Yield must be carefully considered and balanced by experts – You’ll definitely need to talk to a broker.

These savings and their offspring will be your springboard to the land of success where you’ll be building your own business empire.

Lastly, before you “jump” into that business venture, you must hear this! Starting and Running a business is like jumping over a wide and deep pit – You must gather enough momentum and perform numerous calculations accurately before taking that leap, otherwise…..…… It is simply impossible to backtrack without sustaining financial, emotional, reputation and time injuries – so think through, read wide, ask a lot of questions and re-calibrate your strategies.

Check, re-check and double-check everything to be nothing but the best. Set up performance indicators, implement good accounting system. Don’t leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of your destiny.

Explore, Discover, Innovate, Triumph, Elevate, Ascend, Succeed, Prosper, Dominate and Rule Your World.

See You At The Top!

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